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Senin, 10 Juli 2017

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Satto Raji is a popular name of Santo Rachmawan.

Photography and graphic design are hobbies that turn into profession for a man who have educational background at Information Technology of University of Budi Luhur Jakarta.

Willing to learn, upgrading skills to become a professional at creative industry is the main characteristic of him. Photography knowledge he earned started from community, short course, online learning and self-work experiences and also community work-based project.

While graphic design skill that he got from one year school of design, was applied on advertising agency that employed him for several years. 

Writing and blogging are another hobbies of him that open wider opportunity to expand his journey of creative works. Becoming blogger photographer is the next stage he achieved.

He also have big contribution to the establishment of BloggerCrony Community as co-founder.

Joining Toska by focusing on his skill of photography and supporting creative design complete his journey of creative works and to grow to the next level

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